Professional Solar Panel Cleaning, Santa Rosa CA and Nearby Communities

Santa Rosa, CA Solar Panel Cleaning Service – Improve Your Solar System Productivity

California has one of the nation’s highest per-capita installations of solar panel arrays. But being green depends on being clean.. Let us help keep your solar panel system performing at its best!

Local Solar Panel Cleaning Service in Santa Rosa, CA

While many factors can adversely affect how much electricity your solar panels produce, dirty panels are the most common and easiest to fix. 

Over time a film of dirt and grime will build up and obscure panels from the sun’s rays, causing a loss of energy production by as much as 10- 30%!

What causes a reduction in solar output?

  • Dirt & dust accumulation, pollutants, and ash from wildfires
  • Moss, lichen, and fungus buildup
  • Pollens, saps, leaves, and debris left from trees
  • Bird and animal droppings

Like any home investment, your solar panel system will last longer and work more efficiently with routine care and maintenance.

We recommend cleaning of solar panels at least once every 3-5 years, and once every 1-2 years for more rural locations. Lower tilting panels, ground panels or panels that get covered in dust, pollen, or ash more rapidly may benefit from more frequent cleanings.

Not sure if your solar needs a cleaning? Call for a free inspection!

How We Clean Solar Panels

Experts at glass care in hard-to-reach places, we have the experience and equipment to take care of your solar panel cleaning needs at affordable rates.

Through use of state of the art water filtration systems, we deliver only the purest filtered water through water-fed poles and brushes designed specifically for solar panel cleaning. These methods safely and effectively clean panels, leaving them entirely spot-free and ready to soak up the sun!

Benefits of a Professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Cleaning your solar panels isn’t just for appearance. Benefits include:

  • Maintaining your investment, and extending the life of your system
  • Ensuring peak performance year round
  • Saving money, clean panels produce more electricity
  • Most solar manufacturers recommend professional cleaning of panels periodically
  • Avoid the risk of self-injury or solar system damage by hiring a professional

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