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Santa Rosa window cleaning service Jensen Window Cleaning service provides professional window washing and gutter cleaning in Santa Rosa, Windsor, and other areas of Sonoma County.

Professional Window Washing, Solar Cleaning, and Gutter Cleaning in Santa Rosa, Windsor, Healdsburg, and other areas of Sonoma County, CA

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Sonoma County Solar Panel Cleaning Service

Santa Rosa company provides solar panel cleaning service

While many factors can adversely affect how much electricity your panels produce, dirty panels are the most common and easiest to fix.

Over time dirty panels can cause a loss of energy production by as much as 20- 30%!

What causes this reduction in performance?

Your solar system is a big investment and, like anything else, it will last longer and work more efficiently with routine care and maintenance.

We recommend cleaning of solar panels at least once per year. However, lower tilting panels, ground panels or panels that get covered in dust or pollen rapidly may require more frequent cleanings.

Experts at glass care in hard-to-reach places, we have the experience and equipment to take care of your solar panel cleaning needs as well!

How We Clean Solar Panels

Through use of state of the art water filtration systems, we deliver only the purest water through water-fed poles and brushes designed specifically for solar panel cleaning. These methods safely and effectively clean panels, leaving them entirely spot- free and ready to soak up the sun!

Benefits of Cleaning Your Panels Regularly

Cleaning your solar panels isn’t for appearance. Benefits include:

What Sets Us Apart

We realize the last thing you wanted was to invest in a solar system that would be cost you a lot of  money to maintain.

We offer professional solar panel cleaning at affordable rates, comparable to the costs of having your windows cleaned. Include solar panel cleaning in your routine window washing service and receive a special discount!

Over time dirty panels can cause a loss of energy production by as much as 20-30%!

Santa Rosa Solar Panel Cleaning Service - Improving Solar Performance

"I could not be happier with Jensen Window Cleaning. Timely, friendly, affordable and my windows always look great! It's like his card says… Let all the sunshine in!" –Rabia R., Santa Rosa