Ideally after moving into a brand new home everything should be well….brand new. Unfortunately more often than not I find in new development homes, during construction the rain gutter have been used like a trash can!

This carelessness can lead to considerable problems for a new homeowners down the road. Objects such as nails, fasteners, sawdust, calking tubes, rags, and more. All of which can cause blocked downspouts, and premature gutter corrosion.

I recommend having a thorough inspection and cleaning done after construction and landscape are fully complete. This will ensure the gutters are clean, clear and fully functional for years to come.

The above image is from a recent cleaning done for a clients new post fire rebuild. She had been in the home for a year and started noticing problems with the rain gutters. From the ground everything looked fine. After close inspections I was blown away by the amount of trash I found in there! I filled a 5 gallon bucket six times while cleaning the full gutter system. On one side the full length of the gutter had over a hundred rusty nails and 3 inches of packed sawdust inside. This combination of rust and acidity had caused some serious premature corrosion the full length of the gutter system. The gutter was less than two years old and looked like it needed replaced!